New Edition of Understanding Lasers 

Thirty years ago, I wrote the first edition of Understanding Lasers for the old Howard W. Sams Company, which published a series of "Understanding" books on technology. I had been writing about lasers for a decade then, and wanted to share what I had learned with other people interested in laser technology. Radio Shack, which at the time was a large chain of electronics stores, put out their own edition of the book. Eventually it went out of print, and I resold the book to IEEE Press, which printed their own version of the first edition while I prepared a second edition that they published in 1994. IEEE Press asked me for a third edition in the 2000s, and by the time I finished it they had partnered with Wiley, which published it jointly in 2008. 

Now Wiley and IEEE Press have published a fourth edition, which has grown to 586 pages. Laser technology has come a long way, but the book is still an entry-level guide to what has become a rich and complex field. I make a point of spelling out acronyms, avoiding complex math, and providing essential background information on physics and optics to help readers new to the field. You can read more about it on my Understanding Lasers page

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