Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror
by Jeff Hecht

My fiction

I write short science fiction, fantasy, and horror when the inspiration strikes. The inspirations may come from daily life, my writing about science, or elsewhere. Once in a while they're prophetic. The inspiration for "On 202" came from realizing I was hearing the voices of the dead over the radio -- this in the 1970s, when rock stations simply played rock, not classic rock, oldies or whatever other sub-genres their marketing wizards have invented. The inspiration for "The Number of the Beast" came from my real-life adventures with conspiracy crackpots and tabloids. "Rehearsals for Retirement" came from watching asteroids and the misadventures of NASA.

I am not prolific, but I do write in a variety of fields, from horror to humorous science fiction. Of late, I've been writing short-shorts, tightly told and often-twisted tales which are challenging fun. Ever wonder what the people of Nikola Tesla's time would have thought of the wireless communications systems Tesla tried to invent? Read "Operation Tesla." Looking for a solution to global warming caused by carbon dioxide? Read "The Greenhouse Papers." Lately I've written a few stores in the "Futures" series of speculations in the scholarly journal Nature. They're fun to write, and I hope they're fun to read.

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